Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pune GPO launches special covers on forts


PUNE: A special cover on Rajgad fort will be released on June 30 by the general post office (GPO) in Pune. This will be the sixth in the series of special covers covering the forts of Maharashtra.

“We wanted to do a series on certain subjects which can be sustained for a year with a special cover being introduced every month,” said Ganesh Sawaleshwarkar, post master general. This year we thought of showcasing the forts of Pune region which includes Solapur, Satara , Ahmednagar and Pune, he added.

The covers depict photographs of Shivneri, Torna, Purandar, Sinhagad and Ahmednagar fort. “We have a number of famous forts with a lot of interesting historical stories related to them. We thought it would be a good subject for a story. Each region makes its specific design. The study begins about a month or two before and reference books are used for explanation of the subject. It is then photographed and complied into a design for the special cover. These covers are special edition and the cost starts from Rs. 15,” he said. 

The other initiative, which began last year, is the Pandharichi wari mobile post office. This received good response with a sale of over five lakh. This year, too, this mobile post office hopes to break even. “We get daily reports of the response from our staff travelling with it. The idea behind this mobile post office was to help facilitate communication among the warkaris. This mobile post office will travel with them and reach Pandharpur on July 4,” said Ganesh Sawaleshwarkar. 

“The warkaris will be able to post ordinary letters, registered letters, speed post letters at this mobile post office. The pilgrims can also avail money order service during this procession. Relatives of the devotees from all over India can send money order through any post office addressed to Alandi Devachi post office. So far, we have sold 700 sets of the special Saint postcards which are priced at Rs. 50 for a set,” added Sawaleshwarkar.


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