Thursday, June 8, 2017

PMPML launches app for hassle-free ride


PUNE: The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) on Wednesday launched 'PMP E-connect', a cellphone-based application consisting of several features.

The launching of the application, which also has an SoS service meant to assist people -especially women and senior citizens - in distress, is a medium to compete with the other app-based public transport options, officials said.

Addressing a news conference here, the PMPML chairman and managing director, Tukaram Mundhe said, "The application has several services. One of them is the SOS facility. Any passenger travelling in a bus can set five numbers of anyone including that of their family members, friends or the police through the application. A passenger needing help can just click the SOS button to send an alert to the five chosen numbers. The recipient can track the bus automatically on their smartphone, knowing its real time status."

The senior official said that the app also had a grievance redressal system. "There are seven categories of grievances, which covers all the aspects. Each of the categories consists of sub-categories. So a passenger can click on the sub-category, write a small description of the complaint along with the bus registration number and send it. The complaint will reach the officer concerned and a notification will be sent to the passenger. If the officer does not open the complaint within 24 hours, the matter will be escalated to his senior, and the officer will receive an immediate show-cause notice through the application, and action will be initiated," Munde said.

Once a complaint is opened, the redressal should be done in a maximum of seven days. With the redressal done, the passenger will receive a notification again and if he clicks the unsatisfactory button, the matter will be escalated again and that officer will be issued a show-cause notice. "However, any complainant can send the redressed issue only twice. If he clicks unsatisfactory for a third time, the matter will not be escalated further," Mundhe said.


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