Saturday, June 24, 2017

Petrol safety body prevents doorstep delivery of fuel


PUNE: The Petroleum and Safety Organization (PESO) has disallowed home delivery of petrol and diesel, due to safety reasons. PESO has termed the act of supplying fuel to the ‘customer's site’ as illegal and fraught with danger to public and property.

Pune-based sources in the All India Petrol Dealers Assocation (AIPDA) said this move could also affect fuel-dispensing vehicles that supply diesel to commercial establishments in Pune, especially in Chakan, Hinjewadi, Hadapsar industrial area and Magarpatta.

An official from PESO in Nagpur told that the statutory body will not give any company the rights to undertake home deliveries. "We met officials from the ministry of petroleum and natural and told that that safety is the biggest concern in such an initiative. Petrol pumps have the necessary safety measures in place to preclude mishaps. Door-to-door deliveries of fuel can be dangerous. Even a single spark can ignite the vapours emitted while filling petrol," the official said.

In the notification released by PESO on June 22, it said, "This is not approved by the government, PESO, or ministry of petroleum and natural gas." "It is intimated as per Petroleum Rules 2002 that filling of tanks other than automobile tanks is not permitted as it is illegal and dangerous, any unsafe act will lead to accidents and also attract suspension/cancellation of licences of retail outlet," it said.

Ali Daruwalla, AIPDA spokesperson, said home delivery of fuel was gradually to be rolled out across the country, including Pune. "Dealers had opposed any such move as they would lose business. These mobile carriers can start selling with an investment of Rs2-3 lakh, without overhead expenses. Such a mobile fuel-dispensing van can open and shut as per the operator's convenience. Also, there are no checks on quality or quantity dispensed from such vans. After the PESO order however, no such fuel dispensing vehicles can ply," he said.


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