Wednesday, June 14, 2017

IOP elects Suresh Gadge as state president


PUNE: The Indian Oceanic Party (IOP) on Wednesday elected its Executive Committee for Maharashtra with Suresh Bhikaji Gadge appointed President of the Maharashtra State Agriculture Division and Abhimanyu Ramdas Dedge as Vice-President of the youth wing.

The two were felicitated by the IOP National President, CP Vyas, at a function. “The IOP has been established in the given scenario that the country is facing. We intend to provide a viable option for people and take the country to its former glory,” said Vyas during his address.

The National Vice-President Mukesh Rajput, Maharashtra Youth Wing President Prashant Jadhav, National Co-Secretary Santosh Patil, Gujarat Women’s Division President Vinodaben Patel, National Youth President Gautam Patel, Mohender Taneja, Abhaykumar Singh and others attended the function. Also, there were representatives of different state units.Vyas said that farmers are facing a lot of hardship and the governments at the Centre and in the State are responsible for their distress.

“India’s economy is based on agriculture but even after 70 years since we got freedom the status of farmer has not changed. On one side the government is promoting schemes to make India digital, while on the other farmers are committing suicides,” said Vyas.“Since centuries people of different cultures have co-habited in India, but due to wrong policies adopted a few in the ruling class, we are losing our identity,” rued Vyas.

He said IOP will work towards making India powerful in the world. “We exhort every like minded people to support IOP and help make the change,” said Vyas. Stating that he has traveled across the country to many states and found that political parities have literally enjoyed the power but not done any work for the needy people.

“That is the reason we have launched IOP and our endeavour will be to provide people’s government. We need voters from Maharashtra to help us in realizing the dream,” Vyas said. IOP has begun forming state units with youth wings being created, including in Maharashtra.


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