Thursday, June 1, 2017

Disappointed about son’s result, father ends life


PUNE: Disappointed by his son’s performance in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams, a man from Pimpri committed suicide, the police said on Wednesday.

Vishwambhar Madhavan Pillay, 48, was unhappy when his son scored 71% in junior college. According police officials, Pillay was hoping their son would top his college since he had scored 91% in class X and had come first. When the son came home with his result on Tuesday, the man was utterly shocked, said officials. After few minutes, he went inside the bathroom and hanged himself to the ceiling. 

According to relatives of the deceased, Pillay wanted his son to pursue a career in medical field. Meanwhile, another student who scored 56% attempted to commit suicide anticipating a low score in the exam.

The 19-year-old student from Sangvi thought she may not clear the exam, and left home to commit suicide. When the results were declared and she learnt that she scored 56%, the girl returned home, said police officials.


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