Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stricter penalties against errant auto drivers soon


PUNE: The Pune Regional Transport Authority (RTO) has decided to rein in city's errant autorickshaw drivers by imposing stricter penalties on them.

With the RTO receiving more than 400 cases of refusal of passengers by autorickshaw drivers' in the last fiscal, officials are seriously considering increasing the period of suspension of licences, which at the moment is for 10 days.

"Generally, fewer complaints come to us as people tend to approach the Pune Traffic Police. However, going by the figures, complaints against the autorickshaw drivers are not less and we are thinking of imposing stricter penalties on them. We are planning to increase the time period of suspension and it will be decided and announced in the near future," deputy RTO Sanjay Raut, told

"An autorickshaw driver should not refuse passengers unless he has genuine reasons or he is in some emergency. Normally, if a complaint reaches the RTO, the driver is called to the office and his side of the story is heard. If the RTO finds that the refusal was without any reason, the licence is suspended for a period of 10 days. Fines are also slapped for offences. The RTO might consider increasing the suspension period to almost a month, if things don't improve. The matter will be further discussed and a decision on the same will be taken," another official pointed out.

Sources added that the RTO officials has a scheduled meeting with the Pune police commissioner in the first week of June and the matter would be taken up.


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