Friday, June 24, 2016

Liver transplant gives new lease of life to Pune man


PUNE: Liver transplant by a man from Aurangabad has given a new lease of life to a 55-year-old in Pune who was suffering from chronic liver disease.

This successful green corridor was created from Aurangabad to Pune and the organ reached Sahyadri Hospital Deccan at around 10.40 am, in about 3.5 hours (which normally it takes 6 hours). This was all due to the combined efforts of Pune and Aurangabad traffic police.

Aurangad based man was admitted to a Hospital after he met with an accident in Aurangabad on Monday late evening. The patient was declared brain dead and the ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre) was notified, who then according to the regulations allocated the Liver to Sahyadri Hospital Deccan.

News broke to the medical team at Sahyadri Hospital Deccan who soon made their way to Aurangabad to consult the family of the deceased about Organ Donation. After receiving consent from the family, the liver of the brain dead patient was harvested and transported via 'Green Corridor' from Aurangabad to Sahyadri Hospital Deccan on Tuesday.

This liver transported from Aurangabad was successfully transplanted in the 55 year old who was suffering from chronic liver diseases at Sahyadri Hospitals, Deccan Gymkhana. Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Liver & Multi Organ Transplant & Hepatobilliary Surgeon – Sahyadri Hospital commented, "In a span of last few months, from its inception Sahyadri's Centre for Organ Transplant has performed 11 successful liver Transplants. He further added, "This is the second time in last few months when a liver has been transported to Sahyadri Hospital, Deccan, Pune via green corridor for carrying out transplant surgery".

Dr. Prashantha Rao, Liver & Multi Organ Transplant & Hepatobilliary Surgeon – Sahyadri Hospital said, “The decision by brain dead patient’s family to donate his liver to a needy patient is also worth appreciating. It is very important to note that, through organ donation one man can give a new lease of life to another man. Sahyadri Hospitals is trying its level best to increase awareness about organ donation.”

Dr. Alapini Thopte, Manager operations, Sahyadri Hospital Deccan Gymkhana commented, "Usually it takes 6 hours to travel from Aurangabad to Pune, thanks to the green corridor created by traffic police." 


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