Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Man kills wife, son and commit suicide

Man kills wife, son and commit suicide

PUNE, October 27 : Alleging of suspicious character, a person killed his wife and son brutally by an axe during last night to today morning. Few days before a man beheaded his wife and walked in to the crowded street of Pune attracted the nation’s attention and it become the talk of the social media.

Giving details of the incident, Chatushringi police said, “Raju Laxman Gaikwad (40, Anjanibai Nimhan Chawl, Pashan) who has suspicion about his wife Arati’s character, killed her and his son Vishal (19) in the feat of rage by an axe during the yesterday night till today morning. After killing the two Raju hanged himself by a nylon rope to the ceiling and died.

Assistant Police Inspector V. R. Gaud is investigating the case further.


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