Saturday, 20 April 2019

Volkswagen rolls out millionth car from Pune plant


PUNE: German auto major Volkswagen, which has been facing headwinds for long and got restructured under its subsidiary Skoda, rolled out the 1-millionth car from its Pune facility, which was commissioned in 2010. 

The 20,000 cars per annum Pune plant produces four models --the Polo, Ameo and Vento and the Skoda Rapid. The 20,000 cars per annum Pune plant produces four models --the Polo, Ameo and Vento and the Skoda Rapid.  Besides meeting the local demand, the facility also exports to some 50 countries across Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

"The rollout of the 1-millionth car is an important milestone for us," said Gurpratap Boparai, MD, Volkswagen India. The German auto giant, which is the world's largest auto company by volume, has three direct entities in the country-Volkswagen, Volkswagen Group Sales, and Skoda Auto apart from the luxury car unit Audi India. "We would like to build further following this milestone and work towards higher localisation, ramping up production and manufacturing world-class products for this and other target markets around the world," Boparai said.

As part of its Skoda-led 'India 2.0' project, which aims at more India-specific cars, the three entities have been proposed to merge into Skoda. The Volkswagen group will be investing Rs 8,000 crore in the country as part of this revival strategy over the years and has already set up a technology centre at the Pune plant to start local development under this. Volkswagen globally represents by 12 brands -- Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Scania, Seat, Skoda,Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Man, and Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

Meanwhile, in another development, Skoda India has offered an assured buyback scheme for its Superb model range. Made available exclusively through its vehicle finance arm, the scheme will allow the owners of these lower range cars to buy a brand new Superb at low EMIs, the company said. Called Skoda EasyBuy, the program offers an assured introductory buyback value of 57 percent for a new Superb at the end of the three year contract term.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

BJP manifesto focuses on completion of infra projects


PUNE: Girish Bapat, the BJP candidate for the Pune constituency, released the party’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha election on Wednesday.

The manifesto’s focus is on timely completion of infrastructural projects that were launched in the city in the past five years, including the Metro, the outer and inner ring roads, flyovers and the transit hub.

Bapat has also proposed new projects for the city - senior citizens’ centres, economic centres in the PMRDA region, a skill university, a film city and a water transportation project through the Mula-Mutha river. Bapat said the document has been drafted considering the city’s growth over the next five decades.

BJP’s city president Yogesh Gogawale said the manifesto is comprehensive. “We were able to launch many projects in the past five years. The party will ensure execution of the projects well in time,” he said. “So far, the BJP has received enthusiastic backing of the citizens. Steps will be taken to get funds from the Union and state governments for the execution of the projects,” he said and added the party has resolved to develop Pune as a Smart City.

The manifesto also pays attention to the fringe areas of the city that are witnessing large-scale development. It has proposed a hyperloop project between Pune and Mumbai besides strengthening the rail network in the Lonavla-Daund section.

The BJP is looking for a second consecutive win in Pune. In 2014, it had wrested the seat from the Congress with a margin of over 3 lakh votes.

PM arrives in Pune; to address poll rally in Solapur


PUNE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here late Tuesday night and will stay overnight before leaving for Akluj in Solapur district, where he will address an election rally Wednesday.

Modi arrived at the Lohegaon airport were BJP leaders, including the party's Lok Sabha candidate from the city Girish Bapat, sitting MP Anil Shirole and Pune city BJP president Yogesh Gogawale received him.

According to BJP leaders, the PM will stay overnight at Raj Bhavan here and leave for Akluj to address an election rally in the Madha Lok Sabha constituency of Solapur district Wednesday.

Jet Airways announces temporary suspension


PUNE (MUMBAI): Late last night, Jet Airways was informed by the State Bank of India (SBI), on behalf of the consortium of Indian Lenders, that they are unable to consider its request for critical interim funding.

Since no emergency funding from the lenders or any other source is forthcoming, the airline will not be able to pay for fuel or other critical services to keep the operations going. Consequently, with immediate effect, Jet Airways is compelled to cancel all its international and domestic flights. The last flight will operate today.

This decision has been taken after a painstaking evaluation of all alternatives that were made available to the Company and after receiving guidance and advice on the same from its Board of Directors. Jet Airways has informed the DGCA, and the Ministries of Civil Aviation and Finance and other relevant government institutions, of this course of action.

Over the last several weeks and months, the company has tried every means possible to seek both interim and long-term funding. Unfortunately, despite its very best efforts, the airline has been left with no other choice today but to go ahead with a temporary suspension of flight operations.

This has been a very difficult decision but without interim funding, the airline is simply unable to conduct flight operations in a manner that delivers to the very reasonable expectations of its guests, employees, partners and service providers.

After 25 years of sharing the Joy of Flying with Indian and international guests, Jet Airways has been forced to take this extreme measure as prolonged and sustained efforts with lenders and authorities did not yield the desired results.

Essential services needed to support guest services and the re-commencement of the flight operations will be kept onboard until further notice. Jet Airways will now await the bid finalisation process by SBI and the consortium of Indian Lenders.

In its response to the airline, the lenders have said, “The Expressions of Interest (EOI) have been received and bid documents have been issued to the eligible recipients today. The bid documents inter alia has solicited plans for a quick revival of the company. The bid process will conclude on 10 th May 2019 … We are actively working to try and ensure that the bid process leads to a viable solution for the company.”

Jet Airways will continue to support the bid process initiated by the lenders. The airline will inform all guests about the temporary suspension of flight operations via text message or email to the contact details listed in their bookings. Jet Airways sincerely and profusely apologises for the disruption to the travel plans of all its guests. The airline would like to thank them for their continued patronage, support and loyalty over the years.

Jet Airways is hopeful that it will be able to bring the Joy of Flying back to its guests as soon as possible. Over the past 25 years, Jet Airways has established itself as India’s airline of choice and the flag-bearer of warm Indian hospitality around the world. The airline has proudly fuelled India’s economic engine, enabling business travellers and tourists alike to traverse the length and breadth of India and the world.

Even during the toughest of times, Jet Airways employees have worn a smile on their face and put their duty to its guests and the nation first. Above all, the airline would like to express its sincere gratitude to all its employees and stakeholders that have stood by the Company in these trying times. We hope to bring the flying sun back into the skies.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Pune District Meet of Outdoor Caterers held


PUNE: Pune District Meet of  Outdoor Caterers under umbrella of 'New Pune Catering Association' was Held at Hotel Vivanta by Taj - Blue Diamond.

Kishor Sarpotdar (President, Maharashtra Catering Association) presided over the meet. G S Bindra (Vice President, Maharashtra Catering Association) was chief guest.

Sunny Avsarmal, (chairman, All India Hospitality industries), GS Bhargav, GST Expert and Dineshwar Nathani (Motivational Speaker) spoke on the occasion. Association decided to unite on district level to work on various issues of field including GST, Insurance, Upgradation, Training etc. Around 300 caterers participated in this meet.

Mansaram Mali, Babusinh Purohit, Babulal Gaud, Dalpatsinh Purohit, Manoj Vaishnav of organising body were present.

सचिन तावरे यांचा समर्थकांसह काँग्रेसमध्ये प्रवेश

पुणे : पर्वती भागातील शिवसेना नेते सचिन तावरे यांनी मंगळवारी आपल्या शेकडो समर्थकांसह
काँग्रेसमध्ये प्रवेश केला . काँग्रेस भवनात दुपारी झालेल्या खास कार्यक्रमात काँग्रेसचे ज्येष्ठ नेते
आणि माजी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्या प्रमुख उपस्थितीत सचिन तावरे यांनी आपल्या
शेकडो समर्थकांसह फटाक्यांच्या निनादात काँग्रेसमध्ये प्रवेश केला.

याप्रसंगी प्रदेश काँग्रेसचे प्रवक्ते, आमदार शरद रणपिसे,  पुणे लोकसभा मतदारसंघातील काँग्रेस-राष्ट्रवादी काँग्रेस -मित्र पक्ष आणि आघाडीचे उमेदवार मोहन जोशी आणि इतर पदाधिकारी उपस्थित होते. माजी मुख्यमंत्री पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांनी, सचिन तावरे यांच्यासारखा उमदा, तरुण कार्यकर्ता काँग्रेसमध्ये परतल्याबद्द्दल आनंद व्यक्त केला.  मोदी यांचे ढोंगी सरकार हटवून काँग्रेसला सर्वसामान्य माणसांचे राज्य आणावयाचे आहे त्यामुळेच या निवडणुकीत मोहन जोशी यांच्यासारख्या कार्यकर्त्याला उमेदवारी देण्यात आल्याचे त्यांनी सांगितले.

प्रारंभी मोहन जोशी यांनी प्रास्ताविक करताना  शिवसेना नेते सचिन तावरे यांच्या काँग्रेस प्रवेशाची घोषणा करून त्यांचे काँग्रेसमध्ये सहर्ष स्वागत केले. याप्रसंगी आपल्या शेकडो समर्थकांच्या उपस्थितीत  भाषण करताना सचिन तावरे म्हणाले की, गेली काही वर्षे मी दुसऱ्या पक्षात जरी असलो तरी मी मनाने काँग्रेसमध्येच होतो. मी माझी वाट चुकलो होतो. एखादे मूल आईपासून जसे दुरावते आणि आई दिसली की लगेच ते तिला बिलगते तसे माझेही झाले होते. काँग्रेस ही माझी आई आहे म्हणून मी आज माझ्याच घरी आनंदाने परतलो आहे. काँग्रेस पक्षाचे गतवैभव पुन्हा प्राप्त करण्यासाठी मी शपथ घेऊनच या पक्षात पुन्हा आलो आहे आणि प्रत्येक दिवसागणिक काँग्रेसची सर्वांगीण प्रगती झाल्याशिवाय मी स्वस्थ बसणार नाही असे जाहीर करून तावरे म्हणाले, या लोकसभा निवडणुकीत मोहनदादा विजयी व्हावेत या एकाच प्रामाणिक इच्छेपोटी मी काँग्रेसमध्ये आलो आणि आता मतदानाला दिवस कमी असले तरी मी आणि माझे कार्यकर्ते रात्रंदिवस कठोर मेहनत करून मोहन जोशी यांचा विजय सार्थ करून दाखवू असे त्यांनी टाळ्यांच्या गजरात सांगितले.

त्यानंतर काँग्रेस भवनात झालेल्या पत्रकारपरिषदेतही सचिन तावरे यांनी आपल्या घरवापसीबाबत
आनंद व्यक्त करून काँग्रेस पक्ष हा केवळ एक राजकीय पक्ष नसून तो एक विचार आहे आणि हा विचार कोणी काहीही केले तरी मुळीच नष्ट होणार नाही असे ठामपणे सांगितले. 

Minister Girish Bapat gets Pune ticket


PUNE: In a move to fight anti-incumbency, four sitting lawmakers have been dropped in the latest BJP list for Maharashtra for the Lok Sabha elections that begin soon. Pune MP Anil Shirole has been dropped and the ticket has now gone to Maharashtra Minister Girish Bapat. In total, six sitting MPs have been dropped.

Girish Bapat had wanted to contest from Pune in 2014 but Anil Shirole was preferred over him. This time, however, the BJP feels Bapat will a better candidate to take on the NCP-Congress combine, which is yet to announce a candidate. After being denied the Lok Sabha ticket in 2014, Bapat later won the assembly elections from Kasba in a tough poll battle with MNS candidate Ravindra Dhangekar, who has now joined the Congress.

Bapat, by virtue of being the guardian minister for Pune, is a more recognized face in the city and he also holds the important food and civil supplies portfolio in the state. He had faced flak for being on a junket abroad during the Tur dal procurement crisis in the state in 2017.

PUNE: Highest number of RTE selections in round one


PUNE: Pune stands in the first position in the state, with the highest number of Right to Education (RTE) selections in the first round.

The state education department announced the first phase of RTE on April 8, with the admission process currently on. A total of 3,362 admissions in the state have been completed in last five days, of which 1,332 were done in Pune district.

It is the first time since RTE started in 2012 that Pune district has got the highest number of RTE selections, in the first lottery. With this, Pune stands in first position this year, while Sindhudurg district stands last, with the lowest number of selections at 94 and only one admission secured.

“The parents can either check their name on the official RTE website, or wait for the message to come. Once the verification is done, they are given the certificate from the committee, which is required to be submitted to the school in order to confirm the seat. The last date for availing the first lottery admission is April 26, after which the second lottery will be declared,” Sunil Kurhade, education officer, Pune zilla parishad.

This year the total number of RTE seats in the state have gone down by 9,340. Last year the number of RTE seats stood at 1,26,119; while this year the figure stands at 1,16,779. A total of 2,44,932 online registration applications were received this year for 1,16,779 vacancies from 9,195 schools.

Sameer Nikalje, employed at a private company, who has filed the RTE application for his children said, “The parents are not getting the SMS of seat confirmation on time, also there are issues with the printouts of the seat confirmation letter given by the verification committee. When we go to the school administration, they keep on asking for the various documents which are not relevant for the admission process.”

Swapnil Joglekar, education activist said, “In a bid to speed up the government process of RTE admissions, online application process was started. Even now, the process of document verification is taking a toll on parents. It will certainly affect the number of admissions which are going to be taken in the state. As a result only 3,632 admissions were taken in last five days.”

तरुणांनी राजकारणात सक्रीय होणे गरजेचे : खा. सुप्रिया सुळे

हल्लीच्या मुलांच्या चेह-यावर एक प्रकारचा उदास भाव असतो. आपल्या पिढीचं कोणत्या ना कोणत्या गॅझेटसोबत किंवा स्मार्ट फोनसोबत अतूट नातं निर्माण झालंय. आपण या गॅझेटपासून डिस्कनेक्ट व्हायलाच तयार नाही. यामुळे झालंय असं की, मानसिकदृष्ट्या एक प्रकारचं डिप्रेशन सगळ्यांनाच जाणवतय. ब्रेनड्रेनदेखील या सगळ्या घडामोडींत सातत्याने होतंय. याच महत्त्वाच्या मुद्द्यासाठीराइट टू डिस्कनेक्टहे विधेयक आणल्याचे सांगत, या विधेयकाच्या माध्यमातून आपणा सर्वांना एकक्वॉलिटी लाइफलाभावं हा त्यामागचा विचार असल्याचे खा. सुप्रिया सुळे भाडिपालोकमंचवर स्पष्ट केले.

उद्याचा समृद्ध महाराष्ट्र घडविण्यासाठी उच्चशिक्षित तसेच अधिकाधिक महिलांनी राजकारणात सहभागी होण्याची आवश्यकता बोलून दाखवतानच खासदार सुप्रिया सुळे यांनीस्थानिक पातळीवर राबविलेल्या अनेक उपक्रम कामाचा आढावा या वेळी घेतला . विकासाचे मुद्दे हे नेहमीच माझ्या अजेंड्यावर राहिले आहेत. याच प्रश्नांना घेऊन मी नेहमीजनतेसमोर गेली असून बदल घडविण्यासाठी आजच्या युवापिढीने राजकारणात सक्रीय होणे गरजेच असल्याचं त्या आवर्जून सांगतात.

राजकारण समाजकारणा विषयीचा नेमका दृष्टीकोन मांडतानाच आपल्या आवडी-निवडी अनेक व्यक्तिगत प्रश्नांची दिलखुलास उत्तरे सुप्रिया सुळे यांनी भाडिपाच्यालोकमंचमंचवर दिली. भाडिपाच्याविषय खोलया युट्यूब चॅनलच्या माध्यमातून अभिनेता पुष्करराज चिरपूटकर याने हा संवाद साधला.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Pune IT employee hangs self, names 2 colleagues in suicide note


PUNE: A 26-year-old IT professional from a reputed firm allegedly hanged himself after naming two colleagues in his suicide note, the police said. Chetan Jayale, who was working in Hinjawadi IT Park, hanged himself at his rented accommodation, an official said.

"We have recovered a suicide note in which he has named two of his senior managers and alleged that he was subjected to mental harassment by them and that is why he was taking this step," a Chaturshringi police station official said.

"On Wednesday, while his room mates went to work, Jayale, who had taken an off from office, remained at home. He then hanged himself," he said. A case has been registered against the two persons named in Jayale's suicide note, he added.

"While one official is in UK, the other is working here," he added.

Friday, 12 April 2019

People eager for change, says Cong candidate Joshi

Lok Sabha elections 2019


PUNE: Senior Congressman from the city and party candidate for Pune Lok Sabha elections Mohan Joshi interacted with Reporter.

There is a strong demand for change in Pune, right from the common man to the business community. People are fed up of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. While campaigning in the city, I am getting these reactions from the people. Residents are eager for change and I can sense it. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate is now tired and I have taken the lead in the first phase of poll campaign. The Bharatiya Janata Party government has done nothing in the last five years, Girish Bapat is the speed breaker in Pune’s development. Pune is a non-capital, yet one of the fast-growing cities in the country city. So, my vision is to make Pune a high-tech city considering its growing young population.

Talking about the top four points on the agenda about Pune in his polling campaign, he said that - My top focus is on the youth and students in our city, followed by safety of women, environment and traffic situation. All these are serious issues of Pune which needs to be addressed. Pune has become an international educational hub and students from across the globe come here to study. However, students from Pune after graduation want to go to any institute like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) or pursue postgraduate courses outside the city. Hence, more government institutions should be set up in the city as many students cannot afford the hefty fees of private institutions. Efforts should be made to create more employment avenues in the city.

While women work at par with men at workplace, their safety should be top priority. Steps should be taken to reduce the city’s crime rate. Ineffective water management has left residents to face weekly water cuts. So, my effort will be to look at and improve every sector in Pune.

When asking ,what the most serious issue facing Pune now, Mohan Joshi said that traffic problem is the main issue in the city and the BJP government has failed to address it. The solution is sustainable public transport. When I was a member of legislative assembly (MLA), I took up the ‘Mission PMPML’ initiative for one year. Today, as there is no good quality buses and poor service, people prefer to use personal vehicles.

A no-nonsense official like Tukaram Mundhe, who was serving as the chairman and managing director of Pune Municipal Transport Corporation Limited (PMPML), was transferred by the BJP government in short time. Route rationalisation, maintenance of buses and upgrade of depots are needed, which we will do after coming to power. Metro is a necessity, but huge amount of funds are invested in the project.

The Metro plan was Congress’ project, but its execution started only after the BJP government came to power in the state and centre.

No, I always followed up of the project and its permission was given during the Congress rule. On the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) level, its detailed project report (DPR) was also chalked out during the Congress period. So, BJP is responsible for its delay, as BJP Pune MP Anil Shirole opposed its layout at that time. Nagpur Metro is functional, but Pune is lagging behind. The reason is chief minister Devendra Fadnavis holds grudge against Pune and Bapat.

While the bus rapid transit system (BRTS) launch timing was wrong for us, so BJP went ahead with the pilot project. Many controversies happened, but the BJP government didn’t address it. Metro cannot be the only solution to Pune’s traffic issue.

Answering the statements of other leaders that Congress lost ground in the city in the last few years, Mohan Joshi said, It is not right to say that Congress’ popularity has gone down in Pune. When Suresh Kalmadi was an active politician, he used to focus in Delhi and being a Rajya Sabha member of Parliament (MP), I used to concentrate in Pune. Many projects happened when Kalmadi was Pune’s MP. People need a face and I am the face of Pune Congress, everyone recognises me. People trust me and I will win this election.

When asking, how are you going to fulfil the promises made by Congress in national manifesto and your assurance to take steps to provide job opportunities for youth, Joshi said, “I will not be giving assurances, but work on options that are feasible and workable. The things which can be worked out only will be included in my Pune manifesto, which will be released soon.”

Joshi further said that BJP changing its Pune Lok Sabha candidate speaks volumes about Anil Shirole’s work. Now I have a burden on me, as Pune’s development stalled from 2014 and I need to bridge the gap. I need to prepare a development plan till 2024.

TiECON 2019 kicks off in Pune


PUNE: In an era where success rate of start ups is still low, Ideas and Talent will play an important role, opined experts. The Indus Entrepreneurs, a Not for profit making organisation organised the seventh edition of TiECON, a unique two day initiative for start ups at The Westin Hotel Koregaon Park. More than 500 start ups from across India took part in the event.

In a jugalbandi session between start ups and grown ups  moderated by TiECON 2019 chairperson Vineet Patni saw stalwarts and Corporate Advisor R. Gopal Krishnan and Angel Investor and mentor R. Narayanan share some interesting insights on startups and grown ups. 

R. Narayanan who has been deeply involved in start ups said that while the success rate in start ups is still low and the start up industry has to yet take off we should not be judgemental. Just like a baby tries to walk and falls down to get up again and in the process learns to walk, similarly we should not stress start ups what not to do, instead they should be given a free hand. 

R. Gopal krishnan said that start up is like a new baby born and one has to nuture it. The good thing is that they are young and have no boundaries and fear and then only thing they see is success and there is a learning process in free wheeling environment. 

Talking about ideas Paani Foundation  Satyajit Bhatkal CEO Paani Foundation said that the water cup revolution started during the Satyameya Jayate series and we came across a startling fact that there is no problem in India which has not been solved but the solution has restricted to a specific area or village and has not converted into mass movement . So we have the know how but no scale and i think communication is the missing link between these two.

Kiran Rao said that I am a city girl and my idea of village came from paintings, film shoots and didn't really get a chance to know more about them . Going to villages changed my perspective about my own life. At deeper level something had changed and felt more connected with people and in a sense a bright new world and connected to the vast nature. 

Kiran Deshpande, Co-Founder – Mojo Networks & President of TiE Pune said “Start-ups bring in focus, speed and innovation in their offering that are often missing in established businesses. India and Pune are emerging as one of top three start up hubs globally, prompting a global giant like NTT Data to participate with TiE-Pune for scouting global entrepreneurial talent. TiECON Pune 2019 shall showcase the very best effort in fostering entrepreneurship.”

MP Barne kept Marathi flag flying in Parliament


PUNE: With nearly 20 years of experience as a corporator in the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Shrirang Appa Barne has seen the grind of local politics. But when he was elected to Parliament from Maval in 2014, the Shiv Sena MP was raring to do good as a lawmaker in the tallest institution for people’s representatives. Maval, located on the edge of Pune city, straddles the districts of Pune and Raigad, a world apart from New Delhi.

“Everything was new in Delhi. I had to make sure to learn all rules and procedures diligently. I wanted to get my basics right. I didn’t have a mentor to guide me; I learnt by observing others. Other MPs taught me how to raise issues and ask questions, how to make the most of the limited time,” he says.

Barne thanked his party leadership for providing him with opportunities to speak frequently over the last five years. “Since my party only has 18 MPs, we got less time, but I was given enough chance to talk. We held party meetings on Tuesdays to discuss issues that we need to talk about,” he says.

Among his more memorable moments was the time he gave a speech in Marathi, to demand classical status to the language. “In the early days, speaking in Hindi was a challenge, because I am not used to speaking the language before a large gathering. But when I got the chance to do so, to speak on the demand seeking classic status for Marathi, it was personally memorable. I was appreciated for the speech by Jyotiraditya Scindia, Mallikarjun Kharge and Speaker Sumitra Mahajan,” he added.

Shrirang Appa Barne, (Shiv Sena), Maval constituency
Attendance: 92%
No. of debates: 289
No. of questions asked: 1,110
Private Member’s Bills: 20

बारणे-जगताप यांच्यात अखेर समेट

पुणे: मावळमधील शिवसेनेचे विद्यमान 
खासदार श्रीरंग बारणे आणि भाजप आमदार लक्ष्मण जगताप यांच्यात समेट घडविण्यात जलसंपदामंत्री गिरीश महाजन यांना यश आले आहे. यानंतर दोघांनीही संयुक्त पत्रकार परिषद घेऊन मनोमिलन झाल्याचे स्पष्ट केले. बारणे आणि जगताप यांच्यातसमेटझाल्याने महाआघाडीचे उमेदवार पार्थ पवार यांच्या अडचणीत भर पडली आहे

श्रीरंग बारणे आणि लक्ष्मण जगताप यांच्यात छत्तीसचा आकडा होता. मात्र लोकसभा निवडणुकीसाठी सेना-भाजपची युती झाली. युतीच्या फॉर्म्युल्यानुसार मावळची जागा शिवसेनेकडेच राहिली. बारणे यांनाच पुन्हा शिवसेनेची उमेदवारी मिळाली. यामुळे लक्ष्मण जगताप नाराज झाले. युती धर्माचे पालन करू, अशी हमी जगताप यांनी पत्रकार परिषदेत दिली होती. तर, बारणे यांनी पंतप्रधानपदी पुन्हा नरेंद्र मोदी यांना बसविण्यासाठी मित्र पक्षाचे काम करावे, असे आवाहन केले होते. परंतु, आमदार जगताप खासदार बारणे यांच्या प्रचारात सहभागी झाले नव्हते. बारणे यांच्याबाबत भाजपमध्ये नाराजीचा सूर होता. त्या पार्श्वभूमीवर बारणे यांनी पुढाकार घेत जगताप यांच्या निवासस्थानी जाऊन भेट घेतली होती. प्रचारात सक्रिय होण्याची विनंती त्यांनी जगताप यांना केली होती. तसंच जगताप यांच्यासोबतच्या मतभेदला पूर्णविराम दिल्याचे सांगितले होते. यानंतरही जगताप नाराज होतेशिवसेने नेते संजय राऊत, उपनेत्या निलम गोऱ्हे यांनी देखील जगताप यांची मनधरणी करीत प्रचारात सक्रिय होण्याची विनंती केली होती. त्यानंतरही जगताप प्रचारात सक्रिय नव्हते. ते तटस्थ होते

मावळमधील सर्व घडामोडींच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांचे विश्वासू सहकारी जलसंपदा मंत्री गिरीश महाजन यांनी आमदार जगताप यांची भेट घेतली. मावळ लोकसभा मतदारसंघातील शिवसेना-भाजप-रिपाइं-रासप-रयत क्रांती संघटना महायुतीचे उमेदवार खासदार श्रीरंग बारणे यांना निवडून आणण्याचा मुख्यमंत्र्यांचा निरोप आहे. तो निरोप महाजन यांनी जगताप यांना सांगितला. दोघांमध्ये तब्बल दोन तास चर्चा झाली होती. त्यानंतरही मतभेद कायम होते. रविवारी पुन्हा महाजन, बारणे आणि जगताप यांच्यात एकत्रित बैठक झाली. बारणे आणि जगताप यांच्यात मनोमिलन घडविण्यात महाजन यशस्वी झाले आहेत